Established: 1980



Philosophy: Nothing for Nothing



Founder: The Late Allan “Forty” Rego



General Information:
Allan “Forty” Rego started training people in the early 1950s and had
continued out of his “lion’s den” home gym right up until his recent
passing in February 2018. His legacy will continue on through the work
of the countless others he had influenced and coached throughout the
years. The 40 Rego’s Gym motto of “Small Gym, Big Knowledge” was truly
evidenced through the constant output of champions from its humble
Warwick location. Most recently he had worked to groom AndreLambe and
Tyler Christopher, who together are 2/3rds of the Bermuda National
Boxing Team as he supported them in their bid to delay turning
professional to pursue their Olympic dream. Mr. Rego had become well
regarded as the island’s most revered trainer and is a quintessential
Bermudian Hero. The Bermuda Boxing Federation with your help will be
honored to help to cement his legacy by allowing his athletes to reach
their dream and helping to groom and inspire the next generations, as
Mr. Rego did.



Head Coaches: Varo Pelon Andrade



Noteworthy Athletes: Quinn Paynter, Roy Johnson, Norman DeSilva, Anthony Fubler, Gary Hope, Teresa Perozzi and Nikki Bascome.