Development League Boxing Tournament - May 4th 2024

Nuffin for nuffin

Bermuda’s hopes of Olympic glory rest on the shoulders of a new generation of boxers. See how they overcome adversity and struggle beyond the ropes to keep their nation’s Olympic dreams alive. Watch the Trailer

Push Hard

Make a difference

Development League Boxing Tournament - March 9th 2024

Member Clubs

The BBF is Bermuda’s National Governing Body for the sport of boxing. We are proud of our membership, derived from five main boxing gyms and affiliated combat sports organizations.

The BBF is Bermuda’s formal body for the sanctioning of amateur boxing and is tasked with assuring International Boxing Association (AIBA) safety standards and anti-doping regulations are followed.

Additionally the BBF:

  • Facilitates professional training of athletes, coaches and officials
  • Promotes the sport of boxing while increasing participation and supporting member gyms
  • Organizes national and international competitions, youth programs and events
  • Sets and monitors standards of training, performance and conduct

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time